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How to Design Your Home To Be Easy to Clean

You want a beautiful home, but you don’t want to spend hours trying to clean it. Well, if you are constructing a house, and you intend to clean it yourself, here is our expert advice on how to to design your home to be easy to clean.

Flat Ceilings

Vaulted, cathedral ceilings are beautiful to look at but can be a headache to clean. Since they are so high and have many grooves, they attract lots of dust and cobwebs. Cleaning vaulted ceilings requires specialized dusting tools and it can also cause strain on your neck since you will have to be constantly looking upward as you dust.

Flat ceilings are much easier to clean and do not have to be cleaned as often or as thoroughly. Just be sure to dust the corners  and around the light fixtures occasionally to prevent cobwebs from accumulating.

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Flat Ceilings

Ceiling-High Cabinets

Dust settles on all exposed horizontal surfaces. If you build your cabinets and leave even a millimeter of space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, dust will settle on top in no time. You will therefore have to dust them frequently to keep them clean.

Instead it is better to just build your cabinets in such a way that they actually touch the ceilings (i.e. leave no space). It is also better to keep the appliances that you do not use often inside of a closed cabinet to prevent them from collecting dust.

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Ceiling High Cabinets

Epoxy Floors

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are attractive and easy to lay. But what if I told you that the epoxy floor finish is even more gorgeous, easier to lay, more durable, less expensive and EASIER TO CLEAN. Unlike tiles, epoxy has a seamless finish so the floor can be cleaned in a breeze. The designs for epoxy floors are also unlimited and give the home a more elegant look.

Say ‘YES’ to epoxy and ‘NO’ to discoloured grout and tiles.




No Baseboards

Again…dust settles on all exposed horizontal surfaces, and baseboards are a perfect example. Baseboards are supposed to cover the joint between the wall and the floor. But, are they really necessary… probably not. Baseboards need to be dusted regularly to prevent accumulation of dust so if you do not want to clean them often, consider leaving them out of your design.

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No Baseboards

Ceramic/Porcelain Bathroom Sinks

Natural stone sinks are cute and all but are easily discoloured and are difficult to clean. Since they are pourous, every chemical you use like toothpaste, make-up remover, or face wash will be absorbed into the stone and can potentially damage it or alter the colour. Because they are so sensitive, you also have to be cognizant of the types of cleaners you (for example, you may not be able to use sanitizers like bleach).

Instead, ceramic and porcelain sinks are just as beautiful and can be easily scrubbed and cleaned with just about anything.

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Porcelain Sink


Faucets with Pull-Out Sprayers

These are an amazing invention. They allow you to easily wash areas that are beyond the reach of the faucet itself.

At Superlative Solutions, our philosophy is to “clean smart, not hard” and these sprayers are the perfect embodiment of that.

Superlative Solutions Barbados

Faucet with Sprayer

Large Bathroom Tiles

Ever saw those small subway tiles in the showers on the home channel and thought they would look perfect in your bathroom? Try looking at them 6 months later. Showers with so many grout lines are a disaster to clean. Grout is like a magnet for dirt, bacteria, mold and moss and becomes discoloured very easily. You would have to scrub the tiles daily to keep your bathroom looking great.

Our suggestion is the bigger the bathroom tile, the easier it will be to clean. If you can get a seamless finish like marble or epoxy … even better.

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Large Bathroom Tiles

Simple Light Fixtures

Chandeliers are a thorn in the side to clean. They are fragile, complicated, and suspended above your head. Put those things on a vaulted ceiling and they will become a cobwebbed palace for some lucky spider (and your biggest nightmare to clean).

Consider getting simple, elegant light fixtures. Simple fixtures can be just as good looking as chandeliers without the hassle to clean.

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Simple Light Fixture

Movable Burglar Bars

We get it…you want to keep the thieves out. However, installing permanent, fixed burglar bars will not only make it extremely difficult to escape your home in an emergency… they will also make it challenging to clean your windows.

Consider alternatives like movable or accordion style burglar bars that provide the same level of protection from the outside but give you the flexibility to move them from the inside when needed.



Storage, Storage, Storage

Last but definitely not least is ….STORAGE. Build your home with as much storage as you can without compromising the beauty of your home. Again…dust settles on all exposed horizontal surfaces. Every box, every picture frame, every ornament and every bottle that is exposed will accumulate dust. It is always best to store as many things as possible away in a closed drawer, closet, or cabinet to minimize clutter and duster

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Closet Storage

Superlative Solutions Barbados

Bathroom Storage

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