Commercial Cleaning FAQ

A : We have auto, general liability and workers’ compensation.
A : We send senior staff members to conduct routine inspections of the facility. We also communicate with you, our client, to ensure you are consistently satisfied with our services.
A : Some of our green cleaning practices include :
  • Use of HEPA filter vacuum cleaners
  • Use of CARB compliant, inverter generators
  • Steam cleaning
  • Reusing trash liners in office bins that are intact and not soiled
  • Proper storage, disposal and labeling of chemicals
A : We bring our own equipment. If requested, we can bring supplies (such as toiletries) for an additional charge.
A : Yes. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with any service, we will redo the substandard portion of the service and/or issue a credit.
A : You can pay via cash, cheque, credit card or wire transfer. Credit cards payments are secured through Paypal.


A : We conduct interviews, verify that they do not have a criminal history, confirm previous employment and check references.
A : All employees receive technical training in accordance with our policies and procedures. They also receive safety and customer service training. Beyond training, we believe it is important to provide incentives to motivate our staff. Therefore, we ensure that our compensation is competitive, we offer both performance and attendance bonuses and we offer opportunities for advancement. Employees are held accountable for their actions and managed accordingly.
A : We will try to send the same cleaner (s) to your facility whenever possible. When the cleaner (s) are unavailable, we will send other highly trained cleaner (s) to conduct the service.