Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration – The Benefits

Ever wondered why your headlights look cloudy, foggy and discolored? That is usually because they have become oxidized due to environmental factors like UV exposure from the sun, chemicals, acid rain, pollution, harsh detergents, dirt, and debris. Today’s headlights are made of a porous thermoplastic (called polycarbonate). When manufactured, these headlights are sealed with a UV-resistant coating that protects them from the elements. However, over time, that protective layer gets eroded/damaged and the headlights become oxidized (discolored). A headlight restoration service returns the headlights to their original clarity and adds a new protective layer to prevent future oxidation.

History of Headlights

Headlights were made of glass prior to the 1990’s. Unlike plastic headlights, glass headlights were cheap to replace and did not get oxidized. However, in the 1990’s manufacturers switched from glass to thermoplastic for two main reasons:

  • Unlimited shapes and designs – Unlike glass, plastic can be used to create headlights of all shapes and sizes.
  • Safety – Glass shatters more easily than plastic and is also much sharper so the glass headlights were a danger for drivers, passengers and pedestrians when they broke.


Benefits of Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is the process of resurfacing the headlights and applying a new layer of UV-resistant coating to restore their clarity and protect them from future oxidation.

The benefits of headlight restoration include:

  • Price – A headlight restoration service provides all of the benefits of replacement for only a fraction of the cost. New headlights are very costly and need to be installed.
  • Visibility – A headlight restoration service can increase your ability to see at night by up to 40%.
  • Safety – Clear headlights make it easier for other drivers and pedestrians to see your vehicle at night. This could potentially reduce accidents.
  • Appearance – Clear headlights make the vehicle more aesthetically pleasing. A headlight restoration can also remove certain cracks and scratches from the headlights.


In Barbados, we provide quality headlight restoration services for only $50. Our service is mobile, so we come to you at your home or office at your convenience.



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Before and After Headlight Restoration Service

Before and After

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