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10 Things You Should Expect From A Professional Cleaning Company

When hiring a cleaning service, you should make sure that you get value for your money and the very best service that you can afford. Here is a list of 10 things that you should expect (and demand) from a professional cleaning company.

1) Clean and Modern Tools and Equipment

The condition of the cleaner’s tools and equipment speaks volumes about their values. The best professional cleaning companies clean their materials frequently. Dirty cloths, mops, buckets, vacuums and other tools/equipment are unsightly and, more importantly, are potential cross-contaminants that can transfer dirt, grime, and bacteria from one home or office to another.


2) Well-Coordinated Processes and a Well-Defined Colour Coding System

Great cleaners always clean from top to bottom and approach each area with a well-coordinated procedure that minimizes cross-contamination and prevents double work.

Professional cleaners also understand the importance of colour coding systems. Colour coding is used to distinguish the tools and materials used in different types of rooms/ environments to prevent cross contamination. For example, the cloths dedicated for use in the bathroom should be a completely different colour from those used in other areas so that cleaners do not inadvertently use them elsewhere.

At Superlative Solutions in Barbados, our colour coding system is as follows:

Blue – Bathrooms
Green – Kitchens
Yellow – General Areas
White – Sensitive Areas (such as doctor’s offices and hospitals)

Superlative Solutions NEVER uses reusable cloths on toilets. Instead, we use disinfectants and disposable disinfectant wipes.



3) Tidy, Professional Appearance

The staff of good cleaning businesses are always well-dressed and have a tidy appearance.


4) Excellent Customer Service

Great cleaning companies have polite and friendly staff. They are flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes in your schedule and in return they will promptly inform you of any matters that affect your service. They have multiple modes of communication and always respond to your questions, comments, and queries.


5) Guaranteed Satisfaction

All great cleaning companies provide a satisfaction guarantee (i.e. they will offer a refund and/or they will offer to redo the service for any unsatisfactory job done).


6) Free Quotations

You should NEVER have to pay for a quotation. Quotations should be free and provided to in writing (either by email or hard copy).


7) Contract of Services

Professional cleaning companies always provide a written contract that specifies their duties to (and expectations of) you and vice versa.


8) Invoices and Receipts

A professional cleaning business will provide detailed invoices and receipts so that you can keep track of your payments.


9) Honesty and Integrity

Detailed policies and procedures govern all great cleaning companies. They put measures in place to gain and retain your trust. You should be able to feel comfortable with them in your home or office.


10) Routine Inspections and Follow-Ups

Good cleaners routinely check up on their work to ensure that it continues meets their standards. They also seek and act upon your feedback.

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