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10 Things Most People Forget to Clean

Since we have been in this industry for a while, we are definitely able to pinpoint some of the most common areas that homeowners miss during their cleaning routines. Are you guilty of neglecting these 10 things most people forget to clean around their homes?


Brooms, Mops and Other Cleaning Tools

It is amazing how many people forget to clean their cleaning tools. If you leave them dirty, you will spread dirt and grime around the home over and over again.

The best practice is to vacuum the broom OFTEN and wash the cleaning cloths and mop pads after EVERY use.




You should sanitize the bins inside your home with disinfectant every time you change the trash bag.

This will not only kill germs and bacteria but it will also give it a fresh, clean smell.




We say this in almost every post but we will say it again. Dust settles on all exposed horizontal surfaces, and baseboards are no exception.

You should damp wipe your baseboards at least once every 3 months to stop dust from accumulating heavily on them.



Windowsills and Nets

Cleaning the windowsills and the window nets is just as important as cleaning the glass itself.

Every time you clean the windows, you should damp wipe the sills and the tracks and wash the nets to remove built-up dirt.




Dirty fans literally circulate dust into the atmosphere so it is important to clean your fans often.

Cleaning fans is very simple and requires little/no elbow grease. Just take off the covers and the blades, spray them with degreaser and wash them off.



Underneath Appliances

Crumbs and dust often settle beneath the appliances.

When cleaning the kitchen, be sure to move wipe under the toasters, sandwich makers, countertops grills, and other appliances.

N.B. Be careful with the refrigerator because excessive movements can exacerbate any preexisting damage.



Shower Curtains

Left unwashed, shower curtains will become covered in mold and mildew which is not only unsightly but unsanitary as well.

It is best to wash the shower curtain often with a bathroom cleaner.



Doorknobs and Handles

We touch the doorknobs and handles every single day so they are bound to have dirt and germs on them.

Simply wipe them clean on a periodic basis with disinfectant to keep them clean.



Under and Behind the Toilet

Accidents happen and some of us (especially men and children) do not have perfect aim in the loo so do not forget to clean the bottom and back of the toilets.

Failure to do so may cause bacteria to breed and fester.



Keyboards & Remotes

Admit it, you sometimes use the remote and keyboards with your dirty hands. You also eat and drink when using them.

You should therefore use a disinfectant wipe to clean them often to minimize dirt and grime.


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