10 Important Things to Keep in Your Car (Especially During Hurricane Season)

After the devastating storms that have hit our region in recent times, we have compiled a checklist of 10 important things to keep in your car especially during the hurricane season.


This one is pretty obvious but we’ll explain it anyway. An umbrella is a great way to shield you and your passengers from the rain when you need to exit the vehicle during a downpour. Try to put the umbrella somewhere that you can reach it quickly and easily, like under the seat. Avoid putting it in the trunk since you probably wouldn’t be able to fetch it without exiting the car (and getting drenched in the process).


Portable Phone Charger

You should always keep a car charger for your mobile phones in the vehicle. It is also good to keep a portable battery pack in your car in the unlikely event that both your car and phone batteries die at the same time.


High Quality Tyres

Ever tried to drive up an incline in the rain with bad tyres? Your tyres will start to smoke trying to catch a grip and you won’t get anywhere at all. Perhaps the only thing worst is trying to brake suddenly on a wet road with those bad tyres (good luck with that). Do yourself and the drivers around you a favour and buy some high quality tyres with hydroplaning resistance to help you to drive safely during rainfall.


Spare Tyre, Lug Wrench and Jack

What is worst than having a flat tyre in torrential rain?…. Having no spare or tools to replace it. Always keep a spare tyre, a jack, and a lug wrench in the trunk of your car. Even if you call intend to call auto rescue, you will still need a spare for them to be able to change the tyre.


Hazard Triangle and Safety Vest

In the unfortunate event that your car breaks down at night or in bad weather (or both), a hazard triangle and safety vest will help to keep you as visible as possible to avoid collisions.



Don’t be like my husband…always keep gas in your car’s tank. Yes…I know that you know your car. Yes…I know that you know your car can make it around the world and back. However, you should NOT take any chances especially during the rainy season. When a storm is approaching, people flock to the gas station to get gas for their cars and their generators (oftentimes leaving a shortage of gas at the pumps). Sometimes, you may not even have enough time, money, or energy to even get to the gas station before gas stations close and the weather deteriorates. Having at least a half tank  of gas at all times will give you the peace of mind that you can drive without stopping at the gas station in the case of any emergency.



Can someone say TRAFFIC… Anytime there is bad weather approaching, there is always a long line of traffic at the gas stations, at the supermarkets, at the pharmacies, on the highway, etc. It is always a good idea to have a few goodies and some water in the vehicle so that you and your passengers can keep nourished and hydrated as you wait.



A flashlight comes in handy in the event you have to exit your vehicle in a dark area or during a black out.


Emergency Numbers

Always keep the numbers for the police, fire service, ambulance, insurance, and auto rescue in your car and in your phones in the case of an emergency. It is easy to forget those digits in a panicked state when adrenaline is pumping.


First Aid Kit

This would allow you to treat minor injuries and to minimize damage before professional health care can be obtained.

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